“Virtual Reality, in one iteration or another, has long been used by the aerospace and defense industry, be it for product design or for simulations/training.”

- Accenture, 2017

VR/AR in Aerospace

Accelerated Learning and Training

From ground crew who conduct pre-flight checks to technicians who perform routine pre-flight maintenance – VR/AR training modules have been proven to increase knowledge retention while reducing training costs.

In-flight/Airport Entertainment

VR headsets will help the airline passengers consume content in a more immersive way, while guaranteeing privacy. VR kiosks at airports are a terrific way to help passengers kill transit time.

Engineering and Design

With VR headsets or AR glasses, large airplane components can be taken apart and studied at life size – greatly helping engineering design and maintenance engineers.


Airport staff are required to be trained to face multiple crisis situations and interactive VR/AR simulations are perfect to recreate situations and gauge an employee’s preparedness.