“To get the full benefit of BIM technology, project owners and contractors need to incorporate VR/AR right from the design stage…”

- McKinsey, Imagining construction’s digital future

VR/AR in Architecture and Real Estate

Greater Reach at Lower Cost

VR prototypes are cheaper and more portable than real prototype flats. Enable customers across the world to walk through their future homes at minimal cost.

Increased Customer Confidence

Showcase fully furnished flats, with accurate lighting and space information before the home is even built. Provide customers with the ability to customize furniture and space in real time.

Effective communication of Design

VR helps architects, contractors and customers visualize the designs from a very early stage. AR helps view these designs at the actual site.

Digital Collaboration and Mobility

Move away from paper and 2D designs to online, real time sharing of CAD designs and BIM models to ensure transparency, reliability and better risk assessment.