“Innovations such as… virtual reality (VR) and other digital platforms will enable flexible working and changes to core operational processes.”

- World Economic Forum White Paper, 2017

VR/AR in Hospitality

Marketing Exotic Locales

VR headsets and 360 videos on websites can help brands immerse customers in the stunning views and luxurious hotel rooms, enticing them to book their holidays immediately.

In-room Entertainment

Marriott recently trialed VR entertainments inside hotel rooms, allowing customers to walk through the streets of Beijing, or explore the Chilean Andes from the comfort of their hotel room.

Virtual Maintenance and Monitoring

With the help of IoT sensors and VR/AR, visualize a real-time working digital model of your hotel or resort – helping your staff and maintain huge facilities with relative ease.

Accelerated Learning and Training

The hospitality, travel and tourism sectors have a high attrition rate, leading to high training costs. VR based training modules ensure higher recall, and lower costs.