“VR/AR technology facilitates medical training for doctors, while it is also intended to allow patient treatment based on specific needs.”

- Medica Trade Fair, 2017

VR/AR in Life Sciences and Healthcare

Accelerated Learning and Training

Medical devices and procedures are increasingly complex and expensive. A virtual test bed increases the familiarity of personnel with their machines and processes.

Treatment of Phobias

Worlds viewed in VR have been proven to help patients overcome a fear of heights, due to the high level of immersion involved.

Patient Rehabilitation

The University of Washington recreated an snowy landscape in VR. Burn patients who experience this during painful wound dressing changes, said it reduced pain by 50%.

Data Analysis

Whilst being treated in VR, every gaze and glance can be tracked. This enables a greater understanding of the patient’s experience and provides the doctor with more information to work with.