Abbott Uses a Time Traveling VR Adventure to Help Doctors Understand Duphaston, a Crucial Hormone for Pregnancy


Duphaston, the iconic progestin medicine developed by Abbott Labs, has been in medical use since 1961. In collaboration with Abbott Labs (India), AutoVRse created a storyline that took the user on an illuminating journey about the origins and making of this marquee drug. From the sepia-tinted Mexican fields in the 1930s, to the austere settings of a 1960s pharma laboratory in the Netherlands, to some breath-taking visuals in a subatomic environment, this Virtual Reality experience keeps the user captivated throughout allowing them to recreate the molecule hands-on.


The Journey of Duphaston: A Visual Showcase

This unique VR story was presented by Abbott at various pharmaceutical conferences across the country. The turnout, and subsequent reactions, in the stalls at AICOG (Bhubaneswar), and several other events after, was testament to the innovative use of VR as a fascinating story-telling tool. What worked, in this case, was the quality of realism and attention to detail across environments – two factors that can lay a solid groundwork to any experience, designed for any product, across any industry.