TVS Motors and AutoVRse launch India's First Ever Snapchat AR Lens

TVS Motors

The NTORQ 125 cc scooter from TVS Motors was touted to be India’s first ever connected scooter. Equipped with a veritable number of technological firsts, the bike deserved a marketing campaign that matched the technological capability of the product. AutoVRse created an Augmented Reality snapchat filter that enabled anyone to view the scooter, ahead of its launch.


Snapchat Lens is a terrific way to bring AR to the masses.

Multiple automotive companies have launched AR apps in the past. However, this usually asks the user to download a heavy app onto their phone – and hence have seen limited success. By utilising Snapchat Lens, AutoVRse helped millions of Snapchat users interact with the NTORQ, on the day of its launch. As the NTORQ was mainly targeted at millennials, the AR Lens helped TVS leverage the popularity of Snapchat amongst young Indians. An engaging online constest, where users were asked to snap the bike in multiple locations, saw thousands of entries pour in within a few hours.