RubanBridge and AutoVRse Bring Mobile Virtual Reality to the Showrooms of Rural India, Boost Sales and Outreach

Ruban Bridge

With only about 30% of India’s population within the traditional sphere of marketing overtures at showrooms, malls, advertisement hoardings, commercials etc., Ruban Bridge is a company that seeks to empower the remaining 70%, giving them the same choices to fulfil their aspirations. Partnering with AutoVRse, their sales and marketing professionals are now equipped with a simple Mobile VR application and an off-the-shelf Cardboard headset. Carrying around with them a Virtual Showroom, they the buying experience to the aspirational, rural citizen’s doorstep.


The 1Bridge Virtual Showroom makes its mark in Karnataka

Designed specifically for Mobile VR consumption, the application is currently deployed in rural taluks/villages in Mandya (Karnataka). It sets the user in 360-degree showroom, allowing them to interact with a multitude of items, with a local-language voice-over for added engagement. Additionally, a back-end analytics framework allows the Client (Ruban Bridge) to collect useful information that user behaviour and browsing patterns and only helps to further improve the services on offer. The very nature of VR ensures that the final user retains better brand recall, receives a unique insight on the product, and to a fair extent, helps the reduce the impact of geographic, socio-economic disparity on a potential customer’s buying decision.