The Volvo S90 Virtual Showroom: Using Experiential Retail to Showcase the Scandinavian Beauty and Undestated Luxury of Volvo's Brand


Volvo is a brand synonymous with Scandinavian design – understated, yet with a powerful, intriguing presence. Traditional marketing media such as advertisements and posters are limited, when it comes to helping customers understand such a brand. Virtual Reality, on the other hand, is perfectly suited to this – helping Volvo transport their customers to a world that was the physical embodiment of their brand.


“Good Scandinavian design is beauty that wants to be discovered, that you want to know more about”

Surrounded by a thin mist, users walked around a Volvo S90 parked in the grounds of a traditional Scandinavian mansion by the sea. The VR experience helped them explore the mansion, take in the tranquillity of their serene surroundings and truly understand the origin of Volvo’s design. Once seated in the cabin, the realistic visuals helped them appreciate the uncluttered design, the beautiful natural materials used and the open, airy feel.