AutoVRse and Bosch help Automotive Manufacturers Understand the Importance of Automated Emergency Call Services


Imagine you’re driving on a highway in the mountains, picturesque views on either side of the road – snow capped peaks in the distance – when, all of a sudden, your brakes fail and your car careers wildly off the road. It tumbles down the side of the mountain, crashes into a tree and finally comes to a stop. You are injured and deserted, your phone is out of reach and there is no way you can ask for help. What does one even do in such a scenario? CXOs of India’s largest automotive manufacturers and visitors to the Bosch Technical Expo 2018, at the Auto Expo 2018 in Noida, were placed in the above scenario in a photorealistic Virtual Reality experience, designed by AutoVRse. It showcased the necessity for Bosch’s Emergency Call services. After the crash, a call would be automatically triggered to a call centre operative, who would immediately call the victim and speak to him – all this facilitated by a Bosch product installed in the car.


The experience was voted the most engaging and impactful exhibit at the expo – leading to an unprecedented number of follow up sales meetings.

Users of the experience were able to see and speak to Bosch’s service executive in Coimbatore, and witness him note down the details they narrated to him – the status of injuries, damage to the vehicle etc. The service executive would then send an ambulance to the location of the accident and continue to speak to the victim till the ambulance arrived, keeping them calm.