VR Product Clinics Are The Most Efficient, Diligent and Flexible Method of Collecting Consumer Feedback during the Product Design Cycle


A Car Clinic is an industry-wide standard, used by manufacturers to compare their prototype with existing competitor vehicles in the market. The logistics involved with such an effort is often overbearing, not to mention the need to maintain confidentiality, exact specifications in ambience and environment, and meeting various safety standards. Virtual Reality can solve all those problems and more, by ensuring swift iteration and immediate data collation, while casting a far wider net than a typical physical car clinic.


The Market Research Industry is going Virtual

A VR Clinic can be setup at a fraction of the current cost, and unlike a typical physical set-up, users can test and experiment with multiple environments, lighting options etc. in one go. In fact, OEMs also have the added benefit of waiting until thorough market research is completed using a virtual model, before implementing a physical prototype – thus saving several man-hours of effort and capital. Automotive firms and other large manufacturers, across the board, are migrating away from the status quo, with virtual clinics clearly proving to be the more cost-effective, flexible, and diligent tool at their disposal.