Streamline your Inspection and Field Service Workflows, Today.

Deploy a hardware-agnostic AR Platform equipped with remote assistance, digital workflow editors and automated report generation to boost your field service technicians’ productivity.

Remote Assistance for Field Teams

Compatible with AR Headsets like the Microsoft HoloLens and Realwear as well as mobile devices like the iPad, the Space1 AR Platform helps field technicians share their view with remote experts in real-time and stay hands-free.
With the ability to share live video, overlay digital annotations and instantly communicate with field workers using a simple web interface, this enables field teams to rapidly resolve mission-critical issues.

Visual Assist to Guide Technicians through Complex Processes

Digital Annotations guide technicians in a simple, step-by-step manner, helping them adhere to procedure during lengthy operations.

The Space1 AR Platform also provides operators with the real-time data they need when inspecting or maintaining equipment. It helps them refer critical resources like PDFs, reference videos and virtual checklists with the help of simple voice commands, helping them make smarter decisions on-site.

A Simple Workflow Editor Compatible with your Digital Infrastructure

A simple, easy-to-use web editor allows your field teams to configure AR workflows for an inspection or maintenance procedure in a few minutes. It allows those with no programming expertise to set up automated annotations, checklists and data capture points for specific inspection workflows.

This solution can be deployed on your enterprise cloud, or on-premise, based on your organization’s requirements.

We’ve helped Fortune 500 companies across the globe streamline
inspection workflows with the Space1 AR Platform.