Deploy VR-Based Learning Programs at Scale.

We combine the natural strengths of VR with instructional design expertise to create rich, interactive training programs. A web editor allows you to update content in real-time, ensuring long term relevance.

Training for DIRE Scenarios

VR is best suited to training employees for Dangerous, Impossible, Rare and Expensive Scenarios.

Training emergency response teams in VR allows them to prepare themselves for a variety of potential scenarios.
Operational training in VR is perfect for training employees to use equipment that is inaccessible or expensive to run. Factories can recreate entire assembly lines and processes in VR, allowing employees to gather experience in VR before working in production.

Instructional Design Expertise

To ensure maximum retentivity and recall, we utilize an instructional design model built on the following key tenets:

  1. Mimic the real world, accurately, with photorealism and accurate physical models.
  2. Engage learners with active tasks, don’t just show them how something is done, make them do it.
  3. Train with variation and repetition to ensure the core concept is understood.
  4. Provide instant, actionable feedback via analytics, automated performance reports and gamified testing.
  5. Enable real-world behavioural change.
3D Laptop With Graphics

Space1 Web Editor for Scenario Configuration

Training modules developed by the AutoVRse team are deployed on the Space1 platform to enable your learning teams to tweak and update the training workflow as requirements change.

With an easy-to-use, intuitive web editor, a well-stocked 3D model repository and workflow editor, the Space1 platform ensures that your VR-based learning programs and can be easily scaled to train users for new scenarios, promising long term viability.

3D Map of India By AutoVRse

Deployment at Scale

Premium modelling and interaction services combined with VR-specific instructional design, a configurable editor and the Oculus Quest – a wireless portable VR headset with enterprise grade warranty, support and device management – enables us to help you deploy VR-based learning programs across your organization.

AutoVRse also handles post-sales service and maintenance and offers free edits for a period of 3 months after deployment.

We’ve helped Fortune 500 companies across the globe deploy VR-based Learning Programs at scale.