Cross-Platform Augmented Reality that Just Works.

Augmented Reality offers a tantalizing array of possible applications – remote assistance, maintenance and training while on the job. Whether it’s an iPad, android phone, HoloLens or Realwear, we’ll help you deploy AR in a scalable, sustainable manner.

Why use AR?

Augmented Reality superimposes digital instructions and virtual objects in the real world.

Overlaying digital instructions can guide workers in the field through complex processes, or obtain contextual help from technical experts sitting halfway across the world.

Superimposing virtual objects in the real world can help your user better understand the functionality and fit of that object in their space.

AR Hardware

The two different types of AR devices on the market today are Head-mounted displays (or smart glasses), and handheld mobile devices.

The former include the Microsoft Hololens, Magic Leap & Realwear which are better suited to industrial applications – overlaying instructions and 3D models over the real world while allowing the user to keep his hands free to perform other operations.

Handheld mobile devices such as iPads and premium android phones are more suited to consumer use cases like ecommerce.

Space1 AR Platform

Compatible with all AR devices on the market today, the Space1 AR platform helps your team deploy AR for field services in a scalable, sustainable manner.

With a web editor that allows you to define custom workflows, provide remote assistance and automate report generation out-of-the box, it is the ideal way to incorporate AR into your inspection and maintenance workflows.

We’ve helped Fortune 500 companies across the globe deploy Augmented Reality at scale.