Deriving the Most Value from your Design Reviews, with VR-powered Visualization.

Traditional Design-Reviews are constrained by the lack of adequate visual aid. 

Often the idea that seems perfectly logical to a creative artist or designer, is lost in translation as it reaches upper management.  This is a problem that Ashok Leyland was keen on solving. 

Using Premium, Photorealistic VR can bridge that communication gap. 

AutoVRse brought an entire long-chassis bus into VR, with nuts, bolts and seats, cushions all thrown in! Inside a VR environment, a user can now navigate around a life-scale model of the vehicle, while closely inspecting its style, shape and form. 

Customizable, Interactive, Immersive – a high-end VR experience can transform your presentation. 

With numerous variants – such as complete RGBcontrol over external colours, several pre-sets for interior designs, and multiple environments (to study the vehicle in different lighting); our application helped truly bring the Styling Studio’s vision to life! 

Scope for Hardware Portability, Multiplayer Plugins and Voice Communication.

In the post Covid-19 world, remote working is not an anomaly, but often a necessity.  Creating, and enabling immersive 3D worlds, with near photorealistic product-models will be the basis on which reviews, management presentations and discussions are conducted – especially for OEM styling/design teams.

If you have an idea for a VR/AR experience and would like some help executing your vision, do reach out.