AutoVRse and Space1 Harness AR to Power the Future of Field Service and Inspection.

Field Service and inspection are critical and complex processes that demand superhuman diligence and attention to detail.

A slight lapse in concentration can result in a catastrophe somewhere down the line. The repetitive nature of the work lends itself to minor, casual mistakes and its critical nature means field workers err on the side of caution – resulting in delays and shutdowns that affect the top-line revenue of the plant. 

Space1 empowers field workers to utilise AR on multiple platforms.

Providing AR support to field workers is a hard ask due to PPE restrictions. Space1 offers support for a variety of zone-rated hardware platforms – such as the Realwear HMT-1, iPad and the Trimble XR-10 (the zone-rated version of the Microsoft Hololens 2). 

Space1’s web editor is designed to support the diverse and ever-changing nature of  inspection workflows.

The workflow configurator is a simple online tool that helps managers create custom workflows to guide the field operator through the inspection or field service process via preset checklists. This enables our customers to scale AR support across an organization in a sustainable, structured manner.  In the event of a problem, they can also call remote experts and share their view with them, obtaining contextual feedback.

Space1 also automates data collection and creation of reports.

Photos and complete video recordings of the inspection are uploaded to the cloud as soon as an approved internet connection was available. With the help of AI, key aspects in photos and video are tagged in the metadata to enable easy perusal at a later date. Space1’s web platform provides configuration for automated report generation as well – establishing standards for data collection across an organization.

Flexible deployment options and custom integration services empower rapid adoption and scale even in legacy plants.

Space1 provides out-of-the-box integration with all enterprise cloud providers and offers on-premise installation as well. Our experience in integrating with pre-existing IT infrastructure and employee identification databases helps ensure smooth adoption across the enterprise.

If you’d like to revolutionise the way your field service executives conduct inspections, then do reach out.