Space1’s AR Platform facilitated a 40% reduction in Errors & 30% Increase in Productivity at Rail Cargo Carrier. 

The European logistics giant wished to eliminate any form of operational risk during routine inspections on cargo trains.

This requires field operators to perform their inspection hands-free while collecting and recording multimedia information for posterity in the form of dynamic reports. In the event of any unforeseen problems, they were required to call technical experts at the operations center for assistance. 

All field operators were equipped with the Realwear HMT-1, incorporating AR in the inspection workflow.

The device was completely hands-free, supported voice commands, was compatible with the prescribed PPE protocols and usable in poor weather and noisy industrial environments. However, the software suite was lacking, with a multitude of different apps required to solve Rail Cargo’s various problems.

The Space1 AR Platform provided a comprehensive solution for field service.

The workflow editor helped guide the field operator through the inspection workflow with preset checklists. In the event of a problem, they could call remote experts and share their view with them, obtaining contextual feedback. Background video recording helped save a specific inspection for study later on, or to showcase unexpected scenarios to new employees.

Space1 also enabled automated reporting and integrated with the cloud for data storage.

Complete recordings of the inspection were uploaded to the cloud as soon as an approved internet connection was available. With the help of AI, key aspects of the inspection video were tagged in the metadata to enable easy perusal at a later date. Space1’s web platform automated report creation as well, helping establish standards for data collection across the inspection workflow.

Rail Cargo witnessed a 30% increase in productivity, 40% fewer mistakes and a 20% reduction in injuries.

The incorporation of Space1 and Augmented Reality in the inspection workflow allowed Rail Cargo to ensure the highest safety and production standards while simplifying the inspection process.

If you’d like to revolutionise the way your field service executives conduct inspections, then do reach out.