Understanding What “Bharat” Wants, Through a VR Journey to the Subaltern

How does one train their employees to appreciate the aspirations of India’s vivid rural landscape? 

In order to imbibe a sense of empathy & understanding among their executives, Bain & Co. were keen on presenting a unique take on how “Bharat” aspires to assimilate with the mainstream and how the internet has helped fast-track this drive. 

With a 360° VR Tour, step into the homes of a Farmer, a Tailor and a Homemaker. 

In VR, you are up-close and personal, as Ganesh (a Tailor) narrates how he sports a tablet while making house-calls for prominent clients, and how Lakshmi (a homemaker, mother of two) supplements her husband’s income by producing crochet designs off YouTube for the neighbourhood families! 

Distribution via Oculus Go, Social Media et al. 

AutoVRse created a 3-part video, each narrating the experience of the individual, as they walk you through their lives. This 360° video was shot live on-location, and optimized for viewing on the Oculus Go, while also compatible with YouTube, Vimeo et al, to a reach a broader audience. 

VR content engenders a sense of familiarity & encourages a healthy discussion on the issue. 

There is no overstating how much more impactful a story can be when VR is the medium.  It is this “immersion” that Bain correctly banked on, in order to sensitize their employees on a complex, yet inspiring, issue and then foster discussions and calls to action on the topic. 

If you’d like to deploy VR learning programmes at massive scale, then do reach out.