AutoVRse Designed a Configurable, Scalable Learning Program for Fire Safety Emergency Response

How do we train people to respond to situations that rarely occur?

Fires are emergencies that are impossible to adequately prepare for. Expensive training programs that generate fires are fleeting – with responders required to attend a weeklong program every 2 years. They teach people how to use a fire hydrant or hose and wear the relevant PPE find it impossible to recreate the sheer pressure and intensity that arises in an actual fire. 

An immersive, configurable fire simulator that can train emergency responders for any scenario.

With the ability to simulate fires in a virtual replica of the plant they are assigned to, the VR fire safety training tool enables emergency responders to generate infinite different types of fires and learn how to put them out. Complete with realistic PPE, SCBA, hoses and hydrants, it allows them to hone their skills on a regular basis, ensuring that are prepared for any situation the real world might throw at them. 

Collaborative training and automated evaluation.

An important aspect of responding to emergencies is the ability of emergency responders to co-ordinate and work as a team. With multiplayer support, multiple responders can enter the same virtual plant and co-ordinate their actions to put out the virtual fire. With an automated evaluation procedure, they are also graded on their effort – incentivising them to improve their performance. An independent evaluator can also step in and tweak fire instensity, wind speed and other factors to test the trainees’ response to unexpected adversity.

Integration with the Space1 web editor provides instructors with the ability to tweak training flows and even edit the virtual environment.

With a 3D virtual scene editor, asset library, workflow editor and analytics tool, the Space1 platform increases the configurability of the VR fire safety training tool. It enables instructors to tweak the instructional flow with a simple drag-and-drop UI and experiment with multiple custom scenarios. They can also generate detailed performance reports on their trainees, to gauge learning.

The Oculus Quest helps deploy VR training at scale.

In years past, such a training tool would have been limited to a single location, handled by highly trained technical experts. The portability of the Oculus Quest has made VR training available at massive scale. The Oculus for Business software provides an easy-to-use tool to push OTA updates and manage the VR hardware at scale.

If you’d like to deploy VR learning programmes at massive scale, then do reach out.