Using VR for Project-Planning and Deployment in an Autonomous LNG Plant.

The traditional methods for planning construction work-packages in large plants have become staid and outmoded. 

Shell recognized that they needed to reinvent their existing tools and processes for planning projects at their LNG Plants.  Typical PM tools do not give the Supervisor a complete view of the Plant – status of ongoing projects, upcoming work-packages, potential delays due to structural issues etc. 

We demonstrate how xR can add layers of clarity over & above legacy planning techniques. 

We propose a solution where all the stakeholders in a project could meet in a Virtual Room, where a table-top 3D Model of the LNG Plant is the center of attention.  Attendees “super-impose” a Gantt Chart of ongoing projects on the table-top model – giving everyone a holistic view of upcoming work-packages in order to avoid operational clashes. 

Integrated with real-time drone surveillance footage, adding another dimension to precision planning. 

A thorough understanding of the layout of the focus-area,  before deploying a work-package, is important; and while your typical structural blueprints offer some clarity, realtime footage, especially when referenced with the 3D Model of the plant layout, ensure that there is no room for confusion! 

Designed for the Oculus Quest, our VR solution seeks to fundamentally transform how planning sessions are held! 

We are swiftly moving towards a digital-first world, where a majority of meetings will be conducted virtually.  Integrating AR & VR into the project management workflow can instantly improve stakeholder participation, efficiency, and void any redundant travel / logistical barriers to progress. 

If you’d like to explore planning your construction work packages with collaborative Virtual Reality, then do reach out.