Training Fire-Fighters in VR, helping them respond to Emergencies in LNG Plants. 

With zero margin for error, how do you ensure your responders are ready for any scenario? 

Shell have a thorough protocol (PIP) to be followed in the event of a fire hazard.  Training first-responders for the most unexpected twists, ensures you give them the best chance to make the right decision in a split-second.  But how does one do this when the training-rig is expensive, time-consuming and remote? 

VR allows you to recreate the most Dangerous, Impossible, Rare and Expensive scenario in minute detail! 

AutoVRse created a VR experience, designed and optimized for the Oculus Quest, where an Emergency Responder is trained to identify, isolate and control different fire-hazards in an LNG Plant.  From wearing PPEs to evacuating high-risk zones, they are trained to anticipate every eventuality. 

How do they respond when the Plan A fails, and Plan B is high-risk? 

With a sandbox-mode, we allow experienced Trainers to “create their own scenario”, adding new constraints along the way.  What happens when a Fire-Water Monitor runs out? How quickly do you respond when the SCBA is faulty and needs to be replaced?  

This is not a one-person game. Coordination between teams is the key to effective response! 

In multi-player mode, a team of fire-fighters can be trained together, encouraging them to communicate, and anticipate each other’s roles and reactions in any scenario.  This preparedness in training, helps drive mental acuity and muscle memory when it matters most in a live scenario. 

With in-built Analytics and Evaluation, there is no room to hide. In a crunch situation, that is what matters. 

For trainers, our application gives them a holistic view of each trainee’s performance at each stage of the process.  Furthermore, the feedback from recreating so many scenarios helps organisations like Shell to regularly update their PIPs, having had the opportunity to field-test them! 

If you’d like to deploy VR learning programmes at massive scale, then do reach out.