A VR Training Solution that Replaced TVS Motors’ Legacy Spare Parts Catalogue.

Training Employees on matching bike-parts, with limited time & inventory. 

Packaging fully disassembled bike-parts requires an attention to detail, and thorough knowledge of each sub-assembly in a bike.  As these were spare parts for export markets, a mistake would result in TVS having to send spare parts by air freight – a costly affair.

Traditional Show-and-Tell training methods weren’t proving to be efficient. 

Paper-based learning was a challenge for employees more attuned to following visual cues, and show-and-tell classes weren’t easy to conduct as there wasn’t enough physical inventory to dedicate to training employees. 

A VR Training Solution that was asset-lite, inventory-agnostic, but with an eye for detail! 

We helped shift a major portion of the parts catalogue into VR. Creating optimized 3D Models, we designed a VR application for the HTC Vive that allowed the packers to pick-up & study each sub-assembly in detail, correctly ascertaining the model name & make. 

Significant error reduction in packaging, ensures a direct improvement in the bottom line! 

The more thorough and realistic the training, the better the learning curve, and fewer errors in the real-world!  By driving efficiency in the packaging business, we helped TVS reduce product returns, free replacements and other costly operations. 

If you’d like to deploy VR learning programmes at massive scale, then do reach out.