A Virtual Reality Sales Tool Works Wonders in the Fascinating World of Polyester

Seeking to break geographical boundaries with innovative marketing 

In late 2018, APF were keen on taking the story of their state-of-the art manufacturing facilities and processes in Indonesia, out to the wider world. 

Using the power of immersive storytelling, to take your users on a memorable journey. 

We designed a combination of high-res 360° video and tastefully designed CGI renders, to introduce the complex and colourful world of synthetic fibre to a spellbound audience. 

It’s not just product, but the process too, that deserves to have its story told. 

With specific focus on their marquee product Elyx, in this video, users are taken on a lab-to-showroom journeytracing APF’s unique production cycle. 

Incredible Visuals and Eye-Catching Detail delivered on a portable VR Headset! 

Designed for the Oculus Go (and YouTube, Vimeo et al), the video was an ideal hook for APF’s sales executives to capture a prospective customer’s interest, and sell them on the company’s proven track record. 

Empowering APF’s sales teams across the globe. 

With minimal hardware dependency, this ensured that APF’s sales teams, globally, could seamlessly adopt the same “language” to communicate with their customers – retaining their attention better than ever before. 

If you’d like to supercharge your B2B sales teams with a VR/AR initiative, do reach out.