Bosch and AutoVRse Launch VR Campaign that Boosts Dishwasher Sales by 35%

In 2017, the average Indian consumer did not believe that dishwashers would help clean their utensils.

Bosch developed an ISO-certified dishwasher for the Indian market that was tailor-made to clean stains caused by the Indian style of cooking. Partly due to the stubbornness of these stains  and the widespread prevalence of hiring household help, Indian consumers were reluctant to give try using a dishwasher.

AutoVRse designed a VR campaign – across web and retail – that literally took customers inside a dishwasher.

Customers were invited to wear a VR headset, and were transported to a virtual kitchen filled with familiar cooking utensils – pressure cookers, kadhais etc – and asked to load the dishwasher with the dirty utensils of their choice. At this point, they were taken inside the dishwasher where they could observe the utensils being cleaned with high pressure jets of hot water and dried with steam.

This VR experience was distributed at massive scale.

The campaign involved the launch of premium VR experiences in all major Indian cities. AutoVRse trained the Bosch salesmen, who carried a portable setup consisting of the HTC VIVE and a laptop, to all of Bosch’s flagship retail outlets – as well as the Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore airports. A 360° video was also distributed on Bosch’s YouTube channel. We gave away over 12,000 branded Google Cardboard headsets to users so they could experience this and share it with their loved ones in the comfort of their own homes.

35% increase in confirmed sales across the first 3 quarters, and launches in ASEAN and ANZ geographies.

The project was a huge success, with Bosch’s sales executives seeing a 35% rise in sales when compared to their previous marketing initiatives. This prompted Bosch to work with AutoVRse to release localised versions of the VR experience in Singapore and Australia.

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