An Interactive Augmented Reality Explainer for the World’s First Smart Garden

The BSH SmartGrow is an innovative, novel product that deserves a eye-catching demonstration. 

A smart-garden is a product targeted at tech-savvy, organic farming enthusiasts – a segment that needs to be wooed with the right message.  BSH were prepping to showcase the product at several consumer-focussed events. 

An interactive mobile AR application, built for maximum outreach, but designed to capture the target user’s attention. 

AutoVRse created an iOS application (using Apple’s ARKit framework), that wove a story around the product, retaining the user’s interest with simple, sophisticated animations and minimalist design. 

Step into a Portal that takes you into a posh, Scandinavian hometransports you into a different world. 

As the user moves in, the real environment melts away to the wonders of AR; as they move towards the SmartGrow in the virtual environment, a detailed product demo is displayed, with specific focus on its state-of-the-art water circulation system, and it’s adaptability to different seasons/ambient temperatures. 

Debuted at IFA 2019 (Berlin), the AR Application was the cynosure of all eyes in & around the BSH stall. 

Deployed on an array of iPads at the event, the AR app was an instant hit among users, driving traffic and traction to the BSH stall.  As users were still adapting to the new technology, it was clear that the idea of an AR portal to “carry the user” into a new world was an instant classic, and a blockbuster hit at the event! 

If you’d like to launch a widespread VR/AR marketing campaign, do reach out.