Home Appliance Manufacturer IFB and AutoVRse Launch the World’s Largest VR Retail Deployment

“Physical Retail isn’t Dying, Bad Retail is.”

As showrooms cede more ground to ecommerce, the solution isn’t to do away with showrooms altogether, but to repurpose them for the modern day consumer.

IFB harnessed the power of  virtual reality to reinvent the retail experience, at massive scale.

We interpret the modern day showroom as a customer experience center. Virtual Reality hardware helps bring the wonder and awe of a product launch or marketing activation to every brick and mortar retail outlet in the country. We signed a deal to deploy VR headsets in 500 IFB retail outlets in India.

A completely new dimension to the marketing omnichannel.

Unique VR experiences were created for each IFB product, and the messaging was centrally controlled by IFB’s marketing team. This helped them track usage analytics and deploy gift codes and discounts to VR experiences in select stores. The videos and photos of users in VR experiences at IFB stores were then circulated via social media to raise awareness and increase footfall.

Increased sales and brand loyalty.

Showrooms with the VR experience displayed a 40% increase in sales over a single quarter. These showrooms also witnessed an increase in secondary visits by customers who would return with their friends and family to get them to wear the VR headset and experience the magic themselves.

If you’d like to completely revamp the customer experience in your showrooms, do reach out.