Shell took their Customers on an Immersive Ride inside a V6 Engine 

You have your targeted customer’s attention for about 2 minutes; what do you show them? 

For their Helix Ultra line of lubricants, Shell required marketing content that could quickly capture the attention of drive-in customers at a gas station. 

We designed a solution that allowed for ease of access, portability and reiteration. 

The power of 360° content deployed on the Oculus Go not only offers a memorable visual experience, but also allows for  potential distribution across YouTube, Vimeo and other digital channels – enabling Shell to maximize the reach of this content. 

Understanding the science behind lubrication, in a few easy steps! 

We take the user inside a car engine and give them a first-hand view of how the right lubricant prolongs the life of their vehicle. Users accompany the lubricant as it flows through the engine, removing accumulated deposits and shielding the engine-parts from wear-and-tear. 

Converting a dormant passer-by, to an interesting viewer, to a committed buyer. 

At its very core, VR is perfect for grabbing some eyeballsbut only the right story can help you keep your walk-ins hooked on the product you want to pitch.  With our expertise, Shell was able to do just that across gas stations, garages and showrooms! 

If you’d like to wow your walk-in customers with an immersive 360° video, do reach out.