Using Augmented Reality to Study the deposits on heavy-duty Piston heads and Assess the Impact of Lubricants. 

With an engine oil designed to generate minimal piston-deposits, it was important for Shell to vividly demonstrate its efficacy. 

Shell’s researchers had conducted multiple field-trails, included comparative studies with a competitor’s engine oil.  Now, the main goal was to discuss and highlight the findings of this study in a memorable, eye-catching display. 

AR was an ideal tool to visualize the sheer contrast between Shell & the competitor’s product. 

With a table-top AR application, designed for both iOS & Android; AutoVRse helped narrate the story behind these research-findings.  We invite the user into an interesting display, where two identical trucks, with identical engines are fed different Engine Oils. 

We allowed the user to inspect each Piston, with several interactive modes of visualization. 

The two trucks traverse over 250,000 km (storyline), cutting across seasons and weather fluctuations.  Finally, we display both pistons, and invite the user to study the deposits in acute detail.  We have imported actual data created by researchers in Shell’s labs who used a 3D scanner to generate accurate models of the piston-heads. 

By allowing certain micro-interactions, we keep the users invested and hooked onto the experience. 

The table-top nature of the app allows users to rotate or zoom-in to the virtual world, at any time in the story.  Towards the end, we recapture the user’s imagination with an inspired fly-through of the pistons’ first groove, where the sheer contrast between the deposit-thickness of the two engine oils brought out in sharp relief! 

A no-frills AR application is ideal for reaching out to multiple stakeholders and capturing their attention. 

With both iOS & Android versions of the application, the app was consciously built with the idea of reaching as many potential customers as possible.    

If you’d like to develop an AR application around your product or solution, do reach out.