A VR Car Configurator and Test Drive for the VOLVO S90

In recent years, the showroom experience has grown stale.

The rising cost of real estate has meant that showrooms can only showcase a limited stock of vehicles. This, combined with mediocre sales personnel has led to a predictable and drab retail experience, resulting in poor customer experience and reduced sales.

A VR configurator helped customers explore all available personalization options while sitting inside a life-size virtual S90.

AutoVRse built a VR experience for the S90 sedan, enabling customers to personalize the car to their taste. This helped customers change colours, modify the interiors and play around with the S90’s entire range of customization options till they found the combination that was exactly right for their needs.

A Virtual Test Drive Through a Gorgeous Scandinavian Landscape.

The VOLVO brand is synonymous with scandinavian design. Traditional marketing media such as advertisements and posters is limited, when it comes to helping customers understand such a brand. Virtual Reality, on the other hand, is perfectly suited to this – helping Volvo transport their customers to a world that was the physical embodiment of their brand.

An increase in sales and vastly improved customer engagement.

Customers who utilised the VR car configurator and test drive were far more likely to make the decision to buy the S90 in the showroom. They also spent more time engaging with the sales executives in the showroom, curious to learn more about the features highlighted in the S90’s VR experience.

If you’d like to design a VR configurator or experiential marketing experience around your product, do reach out.